I don't have any major regrets in my life, but I do have things I wish I could've done that I didn't. And I'm not sure they'd mean as much today.

I have never been anywhere but Owensboro on Christmas Day. True story. I know people who go in all kinds of directions for the holidays--sometimes vacation, sometimes to visit relatives, sometimes both--but I never have.

My mom's side of the family, for the most part, all moved out west in the 1950s and 1960s and raised their families there. And while we've had visits from the New Mexico contingent for Christmas a time or two, WE never went out THERE. And my sister and I always wanted to do it when were kids. Just ONE Christmas out west. But Mom's and Dad's work schedules never would allow it.

And, yeah, I guess we could STILL do it, but everyone's so far flung nowadays, there wouldn't be much of a point.

But what if "out west" were much, much closer...say, in Ohio?

In the beautiful hills of southern Ohio, just east of Cincinnati (not a TERRIBLY long drive), you'll find the extraordinarily named Dogwood Pass, an old west replica town that is all decked out for Christmas.

"Deck the halls with spurs and saddles, fa la la la laaaa, la la la la."

Dogwood Pass also celebrates holidays throughout the year, as you will see if you visit its Facebook page.

Who knows? This may become a YEAR-ROUND tradition for you and your family.

Happy holidays.

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