I've done a lot of traveling in the past two weeks most especially to portions of Indiana that I've passed through but never really stopped in for a walk and a talk. Luckily the RC Cola Challenge has opened up an opportunity for me to not just pass through but stop in and visit too. 

O.k. ...so in the past two weeks I've been to Santa Claus, Dale, Tell City, and Grandview. So your thinking, yeah I drive through those places all the time and no big deal, right? Wrong. I have met so many of our listeners who were formally just a voice and it has really been a great experience. Monday in Grandview IN I met up with Stacy Swoeppe who is a waking crew regular, and I met regular listeners in Dale who were fun and friendly. Of course I knew there would be great listeners and BKR Bunch members to meet but what really hit me hard was all the little things you normally just drive on by.

O.k. so Grandview really does live up to its name I got some great photographs of the Cable bridge from the Grandview Park and the view of the river there is spectacular. So Santa Claus IN is where Holiday world and ' Safari are but they also have incredible parks and educational opportunities in the land of Lincoln. Not to mention the view of Christmas Lake from the Circle S. Store I broad-casted from. Stay tuned for more live broadcasts from local places and more chances to win BKR Bunch points courtesy of the RC Cola Challenge. And look out for great pics and stories from local folks as I compile them while crossing the commonwealth and beyond!

Next week I'm headed to Ferdinand and I'll return to Tell City to see my peeps. Join me as I broadcast live  and send me your must see site locations and your favorite place could end up on WBKR.COM!

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