If you're itching to go camping this summer, then you better get scratching!  LOL!  Here at WBKR, we've teamed up with Owensboro RV, Diamond Lake Campground and Resort and RC to hook you up with a brand new camper- a 2018 Forest River Wildwood X-Lite FSX Series 180RT!  Here's how you can get an official scratch off ticket and get qualified to win!



Qualification period: Weekdays, Tuesday, May 29th through Friday, June 22nd.  To get qualified, listen to 92.5 WBKR for our CAMPER HOOKUP cue-to-call.  The person who is Caller #9 each time will win a stack of ten official CAMPER HOOKUP scratch off cards with a chance to be a qualifier for our grand prize event on Saturday, June 23rd at Diamond Lake in Owensboro.  There will be THREE chances to win scratch off cards each weekday morning (during the hours of 6a, 8a, and 9am) with one guaranteed qualifier per show, per day.  There will be THREE chances each midday (10am, Noon and 1pm) with one guaranteed qualifier per show, per day.  And there will be THREE chances each weekday afternoon (2pm, 2pm, and 5pm) with one guaranteed qualifier per show, per day.  Each on-air qualifier will also receive a 12-pack of RC product.  WBKR will qualify a total of 92 listeners for grand prize consideration.  57 of those qualifiers will be on-air.

Additional ways to qualify:  WBKR will distribute CAMPER HOOKUP scratch off cards at a variety of locations around the tristate.  A set number of qualifiers will be announced in advance of each event.  For instance, on Friday, June 1st, there will be 1000 scratch off cards available at the WBKR/Owensboro RV display at Friday After 5 in downtown Owensboro.  Five of those scratch off cards will be guaranteed qualifiers for our grand prize event.  There will be an additional 300 cards distributed at the Wendell Foster 5K on Saturday, June 2nd.  There will be two qualifiers guaranteed at that event.  There will also be scratch off cards available at Owensboro RV.  Plus, listen for details on how you can acquire scratch-off cards at various CAMPER HOOKUP remote locations (locations TBA) and WBKR Yard Parties (TBA).


Grand Prize Giveaway:  On Saturday, June 23rd, all 92 qualifiers (the scratch off ticket holders whose cards were scratched to reveal an image of the camper) will assemble at Diamond Lake Campground and Resort in Owensboro.  Registration begins at 9am and ends promptly at 10am, when the grand prize event begins.  Each qualifier MUST present their qualifying scratch off card and a legal ID to be considered eligible for the grand prize event.  At said event, there will be multiple keys available.  Qualifiers will be randomly selected to choose a key.  Only one key will open the grand prize camper.  The qualifier holding that key will be declared the winner and will be awarded the camper and a YETI cooler from RC. Winner is responsible for all applicable taxes and fees.

For more information about the camper and a virtual photo tour, CLICK HERE!