Katie Brennan and her brother Jon basically grew up at Goldie's Best Little Opryhouse in downtown Owensboro.  For years, they took the stage, weekend after weekend, and sang their hearts out for the crowd.  While Goldie's is officially closed, the former cast reunites every New Year's Eve at RiverPark Center to relive their greatest hits and ring in the New Year in front of a sold-out crowd.  The star of the show's the same, of course.  And a lot of former cast members are still in the mix as well.  But there are some notable changes.  Jon Brennan's still around.  His younger sister, Katie, is married now and she's no longer officially a "Brennan."  She's a "Herron".  And she and her husband Paul have some budding entertainers on their hands.  Yes.  They're raising a new generation of "guys and girls that make up the Goldie's show!"

Check this out!  This is footage from Goldie's 4th Annual One-Time Only Reunion Show.  Katie and Paul's children, Coleson, Anna-Kate and Hudson, have been bitten by the talent bug too.  And, on New Year's Eve, they took the stage and commanded it . . . with their rendition of "Jackson."  Coleson and Anna-Kate get the party started and then Hudson rushes in to bring it on home.  This is adorable!


So, yes!  There's a new generation of Brennans on the Goldie's stage.  Well, Herrons.  12-year-old Coleson, 10-year-old Anna-Kate and 4-year-old Hudson are following right along in their mom's . . . and uncle's . . . footsteps.

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