In the late 1970s into the early 1980s, the youth of Owensboro had a variety of ways to entertain themselves on a Friday night.

The big one was actually a pain in the butt for motorists on Frederica Street who were simply trying to get to their favorite restaurant, store, or just home. Yes, cruising Frederica was THE thing to do, and every inch of Owensboro's busiest roadway was used--from the river to the mall and back again. Endlessly circling Wesleyan Park Plaza was also a part of the game plan until the property owners and merchants put an end to it, which I understand.

It was THE Teen Night Club in Owensboro in the 70s and Early 80s

But when teens weren't taking to the streets of Owensboro, they were taking to the dance floor down on Daviess Street where the RiverPark Center now stands. It was C.W. Skeeter's Boogie Shack, and it was the most popular teen hangout in the city. And it attracted national talent like, for example, legendary radio announcer Wolfman Jack.

I never got to meet him, but my dad and my sister did. She even still has the program in a scrap book.

C.W. Skeeter's Boogie Shack was named for former Owensboro mayor, the late C. Waitman Taylor Jr. His son, the late Frank Taylor created the nightclub with his business partner Ray McCormick. In so doing, they created one of the hottest nightlife destinations in Owensboro's history, one that hosted any number of special events. It's been difficult finding images from its heyday, but I have located a couple. Here's one for an Owensboro Catholic High Alumni Halloween party.

And as far as this next ad is concerned, I don't know what year it was, but check out the schedule for that week:

Keith Ellis/Facebook
Keith Ellis/Facebook

It was "your holiday hangout." It was your Friday hangout. It was THE hangout. What great memories.

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