It has been a rough and divisive couple of weeks here in the United States.  Events in Charlottesville thrust the words "white supremacist" and "Nazi" back into the national dialogue.  But sometimes, in heated moments like these, the greatest wisdom comes from innocence . . . in the most unexpected places.  And Owensboro mom Jennifer Taylor Chappell witnessed a truly important moment and, thankfully, captured it for all of us to see.  This photo is purity, perspective and the true power of the people.


Jennifer's daughter Alexandria, who is nine-years-old, made some new friends who were sitting on the opposite side of a booth at Texas Roadhouse in Owensboro, Kentucky.  There were two boys sitting on the other side and the three, through the glass, played "shadow puppets" and "follow the finger."

Jennifer says, "I just love this picture."  And why wouldn't she?  Photos often speak a thousand words.  This one speaks a few of the most important ones: peace, love, kindness, understanding and, most importantly, unity.

Jennifer, I absolutely love your photo too and thank you for sharing it with us all.  I needed it.  I think a lot of us did.

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