I know, I know, your Sunday night TV slates are probably already full with Celebrity Apprentice, Desperate Housewives, The Judds, The Simpsons, etc.  Anyway, one unique awards show may make you change your mind, or at least, it will make you set your DVR--I swear by it!  TV Land will air their 9th Annual TV Land Awards Sunday night at 8pm (central) and the show is always an ultimate treat for the uber-TV fan.  How?  TV Land will once again provide their viewers with series cast reunions and this year's are some big ones.  Unfortunately, all four will be missing at least one cast member.  The closest complete sets will be from both Welcome Back, Kotter and Family Ties.  MIA from Kotter will be Ron Palillo AKA, Arnold Horshack (OOOH! OOOH!) and it should be noted Gabe Kaplan rarely makes public appearances anymore, and yes, Vinnie Barbarino/John Travolta will be there!  MIA from Family Ties will be the youngest Keaton, Andy, played by Brian Bonsall, who has had a little bit of trouble with law the past couple of years; luckily, he's only serving probation at the moment.  The Cosby Show cast will reunite, minus Lisa Bonet/Denise, who has somehow managed to avoid all Cosby cast reuions, due to "scheduling conflicts" which is not cool.  And although The Facts of Life reunion is complete in its core: Charlotte Rae/Mrs. Garrett, Lisa Whelchel/Blair, Kim Fields/Tootie, Mindy Cohn/Natalie and even Nancy McKeon/Jo showed up, you'll see Geri Jewell who played Blair's cousin, Geri, and Cloris Leachman/Beverly Ann, who took over when Rae left.  Fans will be let down by one huge gaping hole...George Clooney! who played George Burnett (original names people!) in seasons 7 and 8.  And it appears Mackenzie Astin/Andy will not be appearing either.  The awards are always star-filled; appearing, Jane Lynch, Regis Philbin, Abe Vigoda-yes, he's still alive!, Stevie Wonder, Hall & Oates, Cheryl Ladd, Jaclyn Smith, The Real Housewives of New York City, and Liza Minnelli!!!!  The awards were filmed last Sunday, stupid editing, they should be good times!  Give Busey a rest and check it out!

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