I was thinking back about my childhood last night, I grew up in the 80's when I stayed outside till dark riding my bicycle, playing in the dirt with my hot wheels. I had great toys from the 1980's like He-Man action figures, Rubiks Cube, Stretch Armstrong.  I had the 1st video game system that came out back then the Atari 2600, nothing like the video game systems today with all the cool graphics. Heck you can even play the classic Pac-Man on cell phones today. It was a simpler time back then but  I loved it!  Here's a few great movies from the 80's "Back to the Future", "The Karate Kid", "Beverly Hills Cop" and T.V. Shows that I liked of course the "Dukes of Hazzard", "Cheers", "Family Ties"  and so much more!  Hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane. Visit WBKR's Facebook page and post your favorite childhood memory or just post about the good ole' 1980's?

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