If it's warm outside, listen closely. You WILL hear fireworks somewhere off in the distance...or maybe next door.

Last week, up in Cleveland, we were sitting in the backyard and, sure enough, we heard fireworks and a lot of them. I'm not familiar enough with the city to know what the occasion might have been. Or maybe there was no occasion.

Fireworks are fun. Who needs a reason?

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In addition to the annual Fourth of July celebration here in Owensboro, a relatively new tradition will continue this Labor Day Weekend with the Independence Bank Fireworks Festival at Panther Creek Park on Saturday, September 4th.

While the fireworks display will go on as planned, the decision was made to adjust some of the activities that were planned for the big event. And, in some cases, cancellations were in order.

Due to the resurging COVID-19 pandemic, the Daviess County Fiscal Court has made the decision to scale back, in accordance with safety protocols.

This year, there will be no inflatables and pony rides have been removed from the schedule. Also, guests are welcome to bring their own food and beverages as food vendors--normally we'd see food trucks everywhere--will not be present. DC Fiscal Court has also asked members of the park staff to remove the bleachers in front of the stage, although live music WILL go on as planned.

In fact, with the invitation to bring your own food comes the suggestion to use the park's green space and spread out while enjoying the music.

No dogs or alcohol will be permitted during the event and parking will be free. Live music will begin at 6 PM and the fireworks will commence at 8:15, so make sure you bring a lawn chair or camp chair.

Panther Creek Park is located at 5160 Wayne Bridge Road.

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