Western Kentucky University is changing four of its all-family bathrooms on campus to all-gender status this fall.


The all-gender facilities are available in the Honors College, Gatton Academy (formerly Schneider Hall), the Music Rehearsal Hall, and the Downing Student Union buildings. The plan to change the signage was presented by a student to the WKU administration last fall. The plans were then shared with the university community a dinner hosted by WKU President Gary Ransdell for Western's LGBT community.

Each restroom is equipped a single toilet, sink, and changing table. Some restrooms have urinals to cater to every person. Gender-neutral restrooms are becoming more popular on college campuses across the country. The White House opened its first gender-neutral restroom in April. The WKU facility signs will also denote if the restroom is accessible to those with disabilities.

A state senate bill proposed to put transgendered bathrooms in Kentucky schools failed in March. However, just this week, the Jefferson County Board of Education, which serves Louisville, voted 6-1 to expand its anti-harassment and anti-discrimination policy to specifically include transgendered students, teachers, and staff.