Mid-season TV can tricky.  Either you can take a chance on a brand new show that you'll probably never see again, unless you watch it every single week, then the network may save it and make sure a full season runs starting in the fall.  Or, you can watch a show that only airs mid-season.  One such show start its third season on Showtime this week.  Edie Falco returns in her Emmy, Golden Globe, and SAG award-winning role as Nurse Jackie.  Well, yes, she did win several awards as Carmela Soprano, but as pill-popping ER nurse Jackie Peyton, Falco soars and the show itself brings dark humor up to a whole new level.  The supporting cast is just as good; Eve Best as Jackie's confidant and doctor pal Eleanor O'Hara, Merrit Weaver as the bumbling fellow newbie nurse Zoey, and Peter Facinelli as Dr. Fitch "Coop" Cooper, whom Jackie clashes with on a regular basis due to his annoying ego.  Nurse Jackie tackles the subject of addiction with both humor and candor.  Jackie seems like she's always going to fall apart, even with the discovery of her secret, yet she forges ahead in denial. 

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