I recently saw an interview in which Nicole Kidman was a participant, and she was detailing her most reason project. It's a Netflix romantic comedy called A Family Affair, and Kidman says she was seeking something light after a heavy slate of dramas.

After sort of LISTING those films and series--and noting the time frame in which they were all completed--I was a little slack-jawed at how busy this woman stays. An actress, a director, a producer. Nicole Kidman doesn't let grass grow under her feet. But if she ever did, it would be Nashville grass. She and husband Keith Urban have loved every minute of being citizens of Music City.

Nicole Kidman, Jamie Lee Curtis Filming New Series in Nashville

And now, she will welcome ANOTHER Oscar winner to the city she loves when she teams up with Jamie Lee Curtis for a crime drama based on the Kay Scarpetta mysteries by Patricia Cornwell.


The eight-episode crime drama, entitled Scarpetta, is scheduled to begin shooting on September 23rd in Nashville and is expected to wrap production on February 21st, 2025. In the series, Kidman has the title role of Kay Scarpetta while Curtis plays her sister Dorothy. Both are forensic pathologists. Needless to say, the renowned author is thrilled to see this project finally come to fruition.

The Scarpetta novels have been set in a variety of locations like Florida, South Carolina, and Virginia, so shooting in a major southern hub like Nashville makes perfect sense. Also, it's a short drive from home for Kidman.

Scarpetta's expected release date is sometime in 2025.

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