Gary and Mallory Ervin are hanging on by the hair of their chinny-chin-chins!  Oops!  Sorry, Mallory!  I forgot.  You're a former Miss Kentucky and I am certain you don't have hair on your chin!  (And, if you do, get some tweezers!  Quick!)  The father-daughter duo from Morganfield, Kentucky was pulling up the rear in last night's epidose of The Amazing Race!   So, what happened?

Last night's episode, "I Can't Deal With Your Psycho Behavior," had the contestants racing from India to Austria!  The episode got its title from the CONSTANT bickering between Kent and Vyxsin!  If you're not familiar with them . . . here's a pic.


Yep!  Total goth breakdowns and Kent spent the entire episode whining that Vyxsin wasn't giving him good enough driving directions, that the Sigmund Freud couch they had to carry a mile was too heavy, and anything else he could "b" and moan about!  Vyxsin finally told him, "I can't deal with your psycho behavior" . . . Kent pulled himself together and the not-so dynamic duo to the finish line in safe standing!

But Gary and Mallory weren't so lucky and expected the worst news possible when they finally reached the mat in Strasburg, Austria!  But, instead, the Ervins got exciting news from show host, Phil Kheogan!  Yes, they were last, but this was a NON-ELIMINATION LEG OF THE RACE!!  So, the Ervins are still in it to win it!!  One million dollars at stake and Miss Kentucky and her daddy still have a shot at winning it!!

If you're not watching The Amazing Race, tune into CBS Sunday evenings at 7pm CST and root for the Ervins from Morganfield, Kentucky.  In this, the all-star edition of Race, they are one couple worth rooting for!