Reba McEntire's limited run as June Ballard on the hit TV show Young Sheldon established her as one of the show's most beloved guest stars -- so it's only fitting that she should reprise her role when the series ends this spring, right?

Well, that's the hope, according to TVLine. Show executive producer Steve Holland says that he'd love to see McEntire return to the set one final time.

"We would love to have her back," Holland confirms, adding that McEntire has said she'd like return to Young Sheldon, too. "She's expressed interest, but she's very busy. She has another [sitcom] pilot that she's I just don't know if it's going to work out."

That sitcom is an NBC-mounted, multi-camera comedy that'll find McEntire reuniting with veteran showrunner Kevin Abbott -- with whom she previously worked with on Reba. Michael Hanel and Mindy Schultheis,  two executive producers from Reba, will also reportedly join the new endeavor.

Meanwhile, McEntire also continues her role as a coach on the NBC reality show The Voice. It's now her second season running as a coach on the show.

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The country superstar made her Young Sheldon debut in 2020. Her character, June Ballard, was introduced in a press release as the "fun, fiery ex-wife of Coach Ballard, played by Craig T. Nelson. During McEntire's time on the show, June struck up an "unlikely friendship" with Meemaw, Ballard's new love interest.

Young Sheldon was also a chance for McEntire to act alongside some close friends: Melissa Peterman, who also co-starred on Reba, plays the recurring role of Brenda Sparks. Rex Linn -- McEntire's boyfriend since 2020 -- is a cast member on the show, too.

Bringing McEntire back for a final episode of Young Sheldon would be a full circle moment for her and Peterson, who also the co-hosts of the Living & Learning With Reba McEntire podcast. "We really want that, and I think she would like it," Holland says, agreeing that one final big moments for Peterman and McEntire would be special for the cast and fans alike.

"It's just a matter of logistics," he added.

Young Sheldon airs on CBS. The show, which is a prequel to The Big Bang Theory, is set to conclude with a one-hour series finale on May 16.

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