Believe or not, clothes. I know right. According to the site, clothing and shoes account for 62 percent of returned gifts. So the old myth about not liking those ugly socks or even uglier sweater you got for Christmas actually has some truth to it. As for the rest of the loot, next in line is toys, games, and hobbies which are returned a staggering 16 percent of the time, followed by electronics (14 percent), kitchen and bath (13 percent), and surprisingly beauty and cosmetic products AND jewelry were the least returned at 10 percent. Duh! No lady is going to let go of her beautification supplies.

I think this report would have read differently if the issue of name brands came into play. But if you hate the socks, shoes, and clothes you got, no matter the label, you more than likely fought off the crowds on Monday.

Personally, I like socks, especially when the weather is as up and down as it is in the Tri-State. So, I now share with you, the socks I got for Christmas:

Courtesy of Erin Grant

Okay, the pair on the right, they are more for hanging around the house and keeping warm rather than wearing out and about, but who sees these when I have shoes or boots on my feet? I think the other pair is different looking but quite stylish. Heck, what do I know? I know I want my feet warm and dry; I don't think that's too much to ask. The report also said shoes were returned the most, again, this is what I got:

Courtesy of Erin Grant

A good old pair of gum boots! They aren't flashy at all because they don't need to be. In other words, I'm keeping them.