Angel here!  First, let me say I cannot believe that school starts tomorrow!  Next, How do I have one in Elementary, Middle, and High School?  It seems so crazy to me!

How did my babies grow up so fast?  It seems like just yesterday I was becoming a momma for the very first time.  Now, Parker will be a sophomore, Braden in seventh grade, Tuck will be in Kindergarten, and Charlotte is not too far from heading to preschool!

Angel Welsh

I remember the days when both boys were at the same school and life was easy!  Now I will be honest and say it is still easy for me in the mornings because Joe does it all.  He takes each kiddo to a different place.  This is crazy to me.  How do parents do it?

Angel Welsh

I miss my babies being little.  I want to bottle them up and keep them tiny forever!  I am sure this time next year I will be a blubbering mess blogging about Charlotte's first day of preschool.

I have to hand it to all you parents out their who drive your kids to school GREAT JOB!  You all are amazing!  Many prayers for the first day of school and for patience!  LOL