Angel Here!  I would have to say 2018 was full of highs and lows.  One low that comes to mind is the passing of my Father in Law, Ray Welsh.  We lost him to cancer just one year ago and we sure miss him.

Ray was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer in May of 2017 and just nine months later the Lord called him home.  While our family grieves the loss of him here with us, we also celebrate knowing he is resting peacefully with God.

Sunday afternoon our family got together to do a balloon release in his memory.  I know people do many different things to remember their loved ones this is how we picked to remember him.

If you read the shirts our family is wearing they say "Satan is a Sissy" that was Ray's favorite saying.  He knew who he belonged too even in his worst day.

We each took a balloon and wrote him a special message to heaven.  Mine said "I sure miss knowing you are listening each morning" he always listened to the show.   It made me happy knowing he was out there caring about what I did.

We sure miss you Papaw Ray.

How do you remember you loved ones who have passed on?  Do you have traditions?  Share with us.