In 2013, two former Battle for The Big O finalists made it deep into American Idol.  Owensboro's Jenny Beth Willis was one of the show's Top 20 girls.  And Paul Jolley, who was a finalist in our competition two years ago, made it all the way to the Idol Top 10 and spent the summer on tour with his fellow finalists.  This season, yet another contestant with ties to our annual talent competition is poised to make a run deep in the show.  Check out Brandy Neelly, who last year joined our auditions at Towne Square Mall and power-belted her way into the finals.

Brandy hails from Louisville, Kentucky and is blasting her way through the early rounds of Idol this season.  Here's her audition that earned her a trip to Hollywood.  Watch her take on Hunter Hayes' "Wanted."

And here's the performance she gave in Hollywood that helped her advance to the group round!

This week on American Idol we will see the conclusion of Hollywood Week and the internet is already buzzing with rumors about who has advanced and who hasn't.  And, the rumors swirling about Brandy Neelly are actually very exciting.  According to various "spoiler" sites online, Brandy will be named one of Idol's Top 15 girls this season.

Here at WBKR we are wishing her all the best!  We've seen Brandy's talent first-hand and are HUGE fans! And we're thrilled to see that our Battle for The Big O continues to attract some of the region's, the nation's, best singers and performers!