Kids today face more pressure than I could have ever dreamed. Sure, it was there but I wouldn't let it bother me to the point where I had no one to turn to. Kids today may not have that person to turn to to express what he or she is feeling. This video made by Emily Gipson, a junior at Lebanon High School in Tennessee, is a message of both reality and hope. 

Emily received punishment in the form of two days in in-school suspension but not for her message. She didn't ask permission to use a classroom after hours.

Even though I'm older, I'm not that removed from Emily's experience. I was bullied and I saw many of my friends bullied in a time when the internet didn't exist. It was out in the open, and open to humiliation and sometimes physical pain. Any student at any school can related to Emily's message and her message has reached over a half a million views.

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