Now that the election is over and we can move into the next phase of our lives, you and I will stop getting those campaign cards in our mailboxes.

I'm all for that.

But on Monday, one day before the election, two of those campaign cards that found their way into my mailbox--and I really got a LOT this year; you probably did, too--didn't have my address on them.


They weren't mailed. They were placed in my mailbox by someone other than my postal carrier.

Typically, THOSE types of cards had been tucked in between my door knob and door facing.

Not these.

Coincidentally, I suppose, there was a menu from a local restaurant that had also been placed in my mailbox that hadn't been mailed.

Look, I'm not gonna press charges.

But the fact that I COULD--since that sort of thing is illegal, and I'm pretty sure federally--means that you shouldn't be doing that sort of thing.

It falls under the heading of mailbox tampering and you don't wanna go there.