The Daviess County Sheriff's Department responded to a shooting on Hwy 405 this morning.

According to dispatch, one person was shot early this morning in the 7900 block of Hwy 405 on the east side of Daviess County.

Mike Pickett, from Eyewitness News, reported that a homeowner shot an alleged intruder twice in the chest.  The incident happened just before 8am Tuesday morning. The intruder was rushed to the hospital to undergo surgery. At this time we are unaware of his condition.

"Apparently the intruder came in one time. Mr. Collins was able to convince the intruder that he needed to leave. He did in fact leave, however, a short time later he came back, this time armed.″ said Daviess County Chief Detective Bill Thompson.

The investigation is ongoing. We will send an update as soon as we have additional details.

Source: [14News]



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