Well, we knew the possibility for Saturday snow was there and now the National Weather Service has issued the type of warning that sort of backs that up.

From 10PM Friday until 8AM Saturday, the tri-state will be under a freeze warning.

And as I type this, it's 72 degrees.


I drove down here to Muhlenberg County with the windows down like somebody who thought it was early spring or something.

I'm kidding.

We all know what to expect with the wonderful Ohio Valley---the UNEXPECTED.

The idea that a sunny 72-degree afternoon could be followed some 36 hours or so later by freezing temperatures and snow shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone.

And it was a mere two years ago around this time that we were all buried under amounts of snow that numbered in the double digits.

So here's the deal.

We're to expect temperatures in the 20s during this 10-hour stretch that begins tomorrow night AND if any type of plant life that you own decided to bloom early because it thought, like the rest of us, that we just weren't going to HAVE winter this winter, well it's in for a rude surprise.

Hate to break it to ya, Bradford pears, but...

So, keep all this in mind while you're once again pulling hoodies and coats out of a Rubbermaid tub that you thought you weren't going to need anymore.

Lord knows I've done THAT enough this season.

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