In my house we have many hats. I mean a LOT of hats. Now, much of this is my fault as they make great gifts for my husband at the holidays. The problem is what to do with all of them? Then one day I saw this cool hack and I called up my dear friend Jaclyn, and we thought we'd share it with you at my poor husband's expense! 

So this morning I gathered all of my husband's hats and ran out of the house before I got caught because I had an idea. One, which may or may not get me in hot water at home. When you like to have fun, what's a girl to do? I know. Call in Jaclyn to help and since my husband loves her he can't get too mad can he?

Now, I would like to introduce you to Chris Arnold's Hat Collection and a cool Hat Hack that may come in handy in your home!


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