It was a full-on brawl at O'Hare International Airport on Monday night (5/22) according to videos that have surfaced from the incident.

Brawl in the Baggage Claim Area at O'Hare

A fight that broke out in the ORD baggage claim area turned into a chaotic situation for passengers on Monday when several individuals got into hand-to-hand combat after they apparently just got off a flight.

In the video posted on Facebook by Christoper Walker, there are at least three different fights happening at the same time while onlookers are yelling "stop, stop, stop."

According to Fox-TV Chicago, there were two people arrested and charged following the melee.

An 18-year-old male and a 20-year-old female were arrested and each charged with one misdemeanor count of battery, according to Fox-TV Chicago.

Over the weekend, a carnival in Tinley Park, Illinois canceled its final day because of a violent flash mob that overwhelmed local law enforcement on Saturday night.

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One post on Facebook from Marty Kosmicki about the brawl said:
Civility is dead ... as massive brawl breaks out at O'Hare Airport yesterday.
For those of you who want to see the video - I'll just narrate the action: guys running around throwing wild punches and women pulling hair.

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