For area Veterans, active duty military, and their families, forms of music therapy can help with loneliness, depression, and resiliency. For V.E.T. (Veterans Empowered Together), sharing music that will bring so much peace and healing is something they're passionate about.

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So many local Veterans have come together to form V.E.T. in Owensboro. This group of men and women are some of the finest in the community. It's a sisterhood and brotherhood like no other.

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Veterans Empowered Together started with a group of Veterans young and old meeting once a month for coffee. Almost 2 years later, the group has turned into a non-profit organization of veterans and their vision is continuing to grow.

V.E.T. will continue to grow and our mission is to do just that for all generations.

For more information on their services, Veterans Empowered Together Military Ball, Coffee With Veterans, Fill The Humvee-Toys for Tots, and upcoming events, visit


Equine Therapy

Outdoor Therapy



Whether you enlist for educational benefits, to defend our country, to become disciplined, or for adventure, it takes a special human to strap on those boots to give back and risk your life. We're thankful for your desire to serve and protect our nation. Freedom isn't free. So many have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. Press play and honor THIS true American hero.

We are excited to release our first single from our Music Therapy Program, Enlisted: Songs from a Veteran.

Corporal Phillips (Friday Night Lights)

This song was made possible by the songwriters and the Veteran who stepped out of his comfort zone: Jesse Phillips, Randy Lanham, Drew Aud, and Brian Basham.

Corporal Phillips(Friday Night Lights) is out on every streaming platform.

If you know a Veteran who would like to participate in this music program, reach out for more information at

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