I love a great rivalry.  Anyone who lives in Daviess County knows that one of the biggest involves two of our local high schools- Owensboro High School and Daviess County High School.  The Devils and the Panthers have been friendly adversaries for decades/  And all week long, the Western Kentucky Regional Blood Center is inviting YOU to get in on the action.

The battle lines have been drawn and the BIG RED BATTLE is underway.

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So, here's how it works.  Starting today, you can visit the Western Kentucky Regional Blood Center and donate blood in honor of Daviess County High School or Owensboro High School.  If you do, WKRBC will buy you a ticket to the big Panther-Devil football game on Friday, September 3rd at DCHS's Panther Stadium.  In addition to a free ticket to the game, there's another fun, school spirit-inspired incentive available as well.  Anyone who donates for OHS will receive a black t-shirt.  Anyone who donates in honor of DCHS will receive a red t-shirt.  There are 100 available in each color and there are limited size quantities.  So, it's best to donate early.

However, if you can't make it early, there's a fun Game Day opportunity for you!  The Bloodmobile will be on site outside the stadium from 3pm to 6pm the night of the game and blood donations will be accepted then too.  I'll be there broadcasting live that afternoon encouraging you to do it.  It's conceivable that your donation could propel your favorite school to victory.

The Big Red Battle officially ends at kickoff when the OHS Red Devils take on the Daviess County Panthers.  The winning school will be determined by the most blood donated and there will be a special trophy presentation made to the winning school at halftime.

Good luck and may the best school win the Big Red Battle!

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