Anyone that has ever met Harlie Bryant of Beaver Dam is instantly amazed at this beautiful, sassy little 6 year-old! I had the pleasure of meeting her a few weeks ago when we raised money for her at my Big O Party. Harlie is currently battling brain cancer.

She loves her some Blake Shelton and thru twitter, she'll be meeting him at this year's upcoming Big O Music Fest on August 18th!!
Check out Blake's response to her wanting to meet him and his encouragement for her!


He also reminded all of his 1,779,568 followers about Harlie! How sweet is that!!



Isn't is refreshing to see an artist of Blake's status giving back and making the dreams of a wonderful little girl come true! I'm so excited for Harlie and her family for such a special day!

You can follow Harlie's journey HERE!


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