This is awesome!  Angela and Roy Mayes of Bowling Green, Kentucky went car shopping last week at Bob Frensley Chrysler in Madison, Tennessee.  You will never guess who was there at the same time.  LOOK!

Yep!  That's Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood, who, according to the Mayes' Facebook post, were incredibly nice and gracious . . .

Isaiah (the Mayes' son) was not shy.  Garth followed us out and walked across the parking lot with us just talking away like he knew us.  Luckily, Isaiah was there to talk because Jenna (the Mayes' daughter) and I were looking at each other laughing like "why is Garth Brooks walking across the parking lot with us?"  It was surreal!

Surreal?  Yes.  But awesome?  YES!!!  By the way, the Mayes family are friends with Monica, the WBKR Twitter gal.  She gave us the scoop on the story and we absolutely love it.