News from Brescia University this afternoon.  Following in the footsteps of other universities in the Commonwealth as well as other business, large and small, throughout the state, Brescia has announced that, beginning today, it will be requiring all non-essential staff to work from home.  That will continue through at least April 17th.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak and recommendations passed down from the Governor Beshear's office, Brescia is following a variety of policies set in place by the administration.  Those changes include the following: 1) Brescia has moved all students to online for the duration of the semester 2) Brescia has rescheduled its commencement ceremony until May 30th 3) The Brescia Campus is closed to visitors 4) Dining services on campus are carry-out only 5) Areas of the university that were previously open to the community (the track, library) are now only open to Brescia employees.

According to Brescia officials,  All essential staff will remain present as needed to meet the needs of the remaining students in the residence halls, and all staff that are unable to work from home or on campus due to having been impacted by COVID-19 have been provided a temporary extension to the number of paid leave days."

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