Moonlite has made a LOT of people happy over the many decades it's been serving up delicious barbecue and homestyle side dishes out on West Parrish Avenue.

That good feeling made it all the way to the CNN home office which, last week, singled out the Owensboro icon--among fourteen other spots on the globe--as one of the happiest places on Earth.

Now, typically, when we venture out to spotlight a tri-state eatery in our Bucket List series, it's one of those neat little places that's off the beaten path and might not be an obvious place to stop to non-locals.

Moonlite hardly fits that category, but then again, it's ENTIRELY possible there are those who've never been there.

So on the Bucket List it went.

Plus, I got to go where THIS man--yours truly--has never gone before.

Take a look:

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