With the speed limit on the Owensboro Bypass now 65 MPH, there's been a lot of speculation--some jovial--about how fast you can NOW go on the 13-mile stretch before you get a ticket.

Well, according to Kentucky speeding laws, the answer is 1 mile.


I tried to find anything documented about how far over the speed limit you can REALLY go before you attract interest from a police officer, sheriff, or state trooper, and the truth is, if the sign says 65, you're breaking the law if you go 66 and you can get nailed for it.

Plain and simple.

In other words, it's fairly discretionary.

Last night, I was out on the bypass just to see if it had, indeed, become a miniature version of the Indianapolis 500.

But the presence of a sheriff under the 54 overpass and a sheriff under the Aubudon overpass pretty much indicated to me that it would be best not to tempt fate.

I mean we all know that most folks were going upwards of 65 MPH before Thursday, when the limit was increased, but I don't think it's wise to immediately believe you can push that to 75 MPH now.

75 just seems a little fast to me for the bypass. And I am a NOTORIOUS speed demon.

But a careful one.

On interstate highways, I never go more than nine miles per hour over the limit. And, yes, that could net me a speeding ticket.

But Kentucky has an "absolute" speed law.

And that means you can get a ticket for just ONE measly tick over the limit, if a nearby officer feels like it.

Just be careful. That's the main thing.

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