If you've ever listened to me talk about Brantley Gilbert, you know I have a concern as to how much jewelry the man wears. I mean, who really needs seven bracelets, four necklaces and two pair of earrings?!? I actually met Brantley in Memphis in January and told him of my issues with his bling. He thought it was hilarious! To be honest, he is a sweetheart and I wish nothing but the best for him. That's why I'm concerned...

You see, he is scheduled to be a part of the Boots in the Sand concert coming up in February in Mexico and I'm worried about him getting there. When we met, he actually had a pair of brass knuckles in his pocket. Seriously y'all, brass knuckles in a room full of chubby, un-athletic radio people. So, I'm reaching out to my friend Brantley... leave the jewelry at home or you may not make it past airport security! For real...maybe just ship it to the resort a few weeks in advance, ha!

Speaking of the resort, have you checked it out? Ok, here's the deal...


Dierks Bentley, Billy Currington, Jana Kramer (Yes, Brantley's ex-fiancé... awkward!!) and Brantley will be at the Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya in Mexico February 23rd-27th, 2013 for this Boots in the Sand trip! Four days, five nights in paradise AND you get to jam out with these country music stars in concert?!? Oh heck, sign me up!

Here's the deal... you can actually WIN a trip! Yep, all you have to do is sign up right here on our website! Go for it... CLICK HERE.

And... you can always give someone the best Christmas or Valentine's present ever and surprise them with a trip! I know I'd love to go (wink, wink)! For information on the trip, CLICK HERE.

And, please, if you see Brantley about to board the plane, encourage him to take off the jewelry and put down the brass knuckles. Thank you!