This is really fun!  I got an email this week from Jon Acton, who is the principal of Cascade High School in Clayton, Indiana.  His students just finished creating an awesome lip dub video using Kenny Chesney and David Lee Murphy's duet "Everything's Gonna Be Alright."  And they staged it to show the importance of students welcoming a new student to school and making them feel at home.  If you've ever been the new kid on the school block, you know it can be tough.  But, as the students at Cascade remind you in their lip sync, "Nobody's got to worry about nothin'.  Don't go hitting that panic button . . . Everything's gonna be alright!"  WATCH!

Cascade High School is a relatively small high school located in the literal heart of Indiana.  According to Principal Acton,  the school was recently named a National Blue Ribbon School by the United States Department of Education.  This is the highest award a school can earn.  As Mr. Acton puts it . . . it's "our National Championship, Indy 500 victory, Super Bowl win all rolled into one."

For reference, Cascade High School was the only Indiana high school to earn the award this year and only the 33rd ever from the state of Indiana.


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