Cathy Mullins has performed the National Anthem many times, many places.  Just last Saturday, she stepped to the stage at the Wendell Foster Center Half Marathon in downtown Owensboro and sang The Star-Spangled Banner for the 600+ runners who braved bitter cold temperatures and 13.1 miles to support the cause.

Cathy has performed at many charity events just like that one.  She has also, repeatedly, stepped onto the ice at Bridgestone Arena and performed the National Anthem before Nashville Predators games.  She's one of a handful of singers on their roster of belters.

Last night, Cathy did something she has never done before.  She shared her story, passion and powerful voice by delivering the anthem at an NFL game.  Yes!  Cathy was in Atlanta and her rousing rendition of "The Star-Spangled Banner" served as the prelude to the Atlanta Falcons/New England Patriots game.

Due to COVID-19, the Falcons have chosen to use prerecorded anthems.  But Cathy's version is one of eight the team decided to do full video features on.  She was in Atlanta a couple of weeks ago filming at Fort Benning. Here's a shot of Cathy with her film crew.

Public Relations Dept/Fort Benning
Public Relations Dept/Fort Benning
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Cathy, by the way, has performed the anthem at Fort Benning as well.  She sang there for the base's 9/11 ceremony.  Her son Brandon died in Afghanistan ten years ago.  His name is on the memorial there.  Cathy's rendition was so moving that the commander sent her name to the Falcons for consideration.  That recommendation led to last night, a rematch of Super Bowl 51, where the Patriots erased a 25-point deficit and roared back to win 34 to 28.

Cathy's video feature played for fans before the game inside Mercedes-Benz Stadium.  She says the feature took about four hours to shoot and she sang the anthem about 21 times.  The moment was absolutely thrilling and we plan to share the video presentation with you here at WBKR early next week.

By the way, Cathy and her husband Tommy were gifted an amazing surprise on the Jumbotron.  A surprise all the way from Japan.  Cathy received a very unexpected, but amazing introduction. Their daughter, Bethany Mullins Randall, appeared with their son-in-law, Staff Sergeant Steven Randall, and their grandkids- Alice, Violet and Shepherd.  As Cathy explains, Shepherd's a "Covid-19 baby" and, because of the pandemic and limited travel, she and Tommy have not yet had the chance to meet him.  Last night, they got to see him on the giant screen, with a photo of their son Brandon hanging behind them.

A powerful reunion. A powerful moment. A true American anthem.

The New England Patriots were clearly inspired too. They beat the Falcons 25 to 0.

If you'd like to listen to Cathy and Tommy's interview from the WBKR morning show, check it out here-->


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