Have you ever wanted to sing on the radio?  Well, here's your chance.  Each morning at 7:10am, Angel and I celebrate the birthdays and anniversaries of folks here in the tristate.  And we always kick off that celebration with a rousing rendition of the "Happy Birthday" song.

Well, we're looking for some new versions to add into rotation on our show.  If there's a singer in your family, we'd love to hear from them.  If you're that singer, we want to hear from you.

Getting your/their version of "Happy Birthday" to us us quick and easy.  All you need is the WBKR app. If you already have the WBKR app, you're all set.

If you don't yet have it, go ahead and download it now!

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Get our free mobile app

Once you have the app, follow these simple instructions about to upload your version of "Happy Birthday" directly to us via the WBKR app.


1) Access the WBKR app

2) Hit the menu bar in the upper left-hand corner

3) Click Submit Photo/Video

4) Enter the required fields (including phone number)

5) Click Select And Submit Media Now

6) Then hit Record Short Audio Clip (your version of "Happy Birthday")

7) Record the script above and hit DONE

8) Then hit SUBMIT

**It's that easy!!**

Now, you can sing a cappella or you can sing with a guitar or piano or whatever.  Just make sure you introduce yourself and where you're from before you start singing. We want everyone to know it's you when we play your song on the air.

Then, be listening each morning at 7:10am.  You just may hear yourself singing on 92.5 WBKR!

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