I totally did.  Thwacked him!  Right in the honker.  Earlier this week I was broadcasting live from backstage at The Grand Ole Opry.  Brett wanted to stop by and chat about his brand new single and I was really looking forward to catching up with him.  We met last year at the Legendary Live concert in downtown Owensboro and he was really fun.  Little did he know that Benefield was about to give him a nose job live on the air . . . with a microphone!  LISTEN.  This is hilarious.  Well, maybe not for Brett's nose.

Before you listen to the interview, you may want to watch this video.  Jaclyn and I filmed it with Brett backstage at Legendary and we reference it a couple of times.

Okay.  You're up to speed and ready to rock.  Here's the interview from the Opry.  The big honker shot comes around the 2:30 mark. 

I did check Brett's Twitter account after I left and, thankfully, there were no 140-character rants about a DJ hitting him upside the head with a mic.  LOL!   Thanks for the interview, Brett!  And sorry about the sucker punch to the nostrils.  Totally my bad.

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