Joe Jones has jumped out of a plane over 9,000 times.  Today, I got to tandem jump with him to help promote Owensboro Air Show.  IT. FREAKING. ROCKED.  We jumped from 10,500 feet and sped through the air at 120 mph!  And it was, hands down, one of the coolest things I have ever done!  Here's the video.

A huge shout out to Joe Jones, who is a U.S. Army Golden Knight and has been for years.  This weekend, he's in town freelancing with Noah (also a Golden Knight and our pilot today) and Bo, who's been jumping since the 70's.  At the Owensboro Air Show this weekend, Bo will be parachuting downtown with the American Flag.  He was practicing today and loaded up in the plane with us.  These guys are rock stars and I was honored to be able to share the air space with them today.

I told Joe when we landed that the experience was definitely one of my all-time top five experiences.  Joe mentioned he wanted to at least be a "solid #2".  LOL!  Epic.  Amazing.  Most definitely a solid #2.  Heck, the more I relive today's experience and watch that video over and over and over, it may even claim the top spot.

If you'd like more information about the Owensboro Air Show, CLICK HERE!


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