Sing along!!  Flying down the highway in a makeshift Model T.A. Woo!  Yeah!  Woo!  It's a beautiful morning and it's gonna be a beauitful day.  LOL!  Now, don't lie.  You know the song.  You still know the words.  And you were having visions of standing in the middle of Marcia and Greg and wearing one of those blue and white striped jumpsuits.  In my latest Guilty CD Pleasures column, I am paying tribute to one of my prized possessions- It's a Sunshine Day: The Best of The Brady Bunch!


I grew up with The Brady Bunch and LOVED them.  I remember the episode where they went to Kings Island and silly ole Jan lost her daddy's blueprints.  I remember the time they went to Hawaii and Greg bit it on the surfboard because of that crazy amulet they found.  I remember the ill-fated trip to the Grand Canyon before there were Amber Alerts.  And, most fondly, I remember the episodes in which the Brady kids sang!  Check this out!  It's going to bring back a ton of memories.

Both those songs are featured prominently on The Best of The Brady Bunch as is Peter's revered ode to puberty "It's Time to Change".  But there are some unexpected gems as well.  The Brady's perform their version of "American Pie".  It's wretched.  There's a song from Carol Brady called "Born to Say Goodbye."  There is a Brady twist on the holiday classic "Frosty the Snowman."  And there's the solo driving anthem "Truckin' Back to You" by Marcia Marcia Marcia herself (Ms. Maureen McCormick).  About ten years ago, Maureen was in town for the Green Brothers Golf Classic and we surprised her by playing that song.  I am still not sure if she was honored or horrified.

Look. I realize that owning this CD as an adult is rather silly.  However, I must confess that I occasionally pop it in the computer and listen to it.  Trust me when I tell you.  If you're ever having a bad day, just pop in The Best of the Brady Bunch.  They can make the world a whole light brighter.


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