You Can Own A Piece of J.D.'s Restaurant History
Beloved Owensboro restaurant JD's closed their doors for good a few weeks ago. This place was a gathering place for many over the years and became like home. If you would like to take a piece of history from JD's they are selling wall memorabilia. Here's how you can get it.
Owensboro's Jason Koger Featured In TED Talk In Evansville
Owensboro's Jason Koger is well known for his survival story after being electrocuted in 2008 while riding an ATV on his family's property. Jason had to have both hands amputated in order to save his life and since he was able he has been telling his story of a major comeback and how he i…
John James Audubon Park Providing Youth Wilderness Survival
Do you have a pre-teen or teen child that is a lover of the outdoors?  John James Audubon Park is offering a Youth Wilderness Survival Workshop teaching preparedness and basic survival skills.
Have you ever tried to make a fire without matches, find your way in the forest, or build a temporary s…

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