Fall is here and that means Halloween and autumn fun at Trunnell's Farm Market in Owensboro!  Yep!  The Family Fun Acre is open for business and is bigger and better this year with more attractions and even more features inside the giant corn maze!  I decided to give you guys a "virtual tour" so you can see just how much fun Trunnell's is for kids . . . and all the 40-year-old men out there who act like the kids!  (Yes.  That would be me.)   So, come on!  What are you waiting for?  Let's visit the Family Fun Acre together!

The coolest feature of the Family Fun Acre is the CORN MAZE!!  And, this is really cool.  If you're in helicopter above it, you would see an awesome design that includes a rooster, barn, the word "Trunnell's" and the letters W-B-K-R!  Of course, when you're on the INSIDE of the maze it all just looks like a bunch of corn and you'll feel like you're never going to get out and you're gonna get eaten by buzzards.  But there are stations and cool checkpoints hidden all the way through it and you get an official Trunnell's game piece that lets you know exactly what you're looking for.  I have been inside the corn maze a couple of times already this year and, trust me!  It's challenging and can be HOURS of fun!  Wanna sneak peak?  Come on . . . let's go!

So, there you have it!  The highlights of the Family Fun Acre and Corn Maze at Trunnell's Farm Market!   And don't forget they offer hayrides during operating hours as well and those hayrides will take you back to Trunnell's Pumpkin Patch, where your youngsters can pick their own pumpkins.  I'm not going to lie.  I took my nephew, Jacob, last year and I picked my own!  And, yes, the kid got one too!

For hours of operation and prices, click here!  Oh, and keep in mind that school and church groups are certainly welcome!  If you need more information about group rates, you can check out the Group Page at Trunnell's website!

Trunnell's Farm Market is located at 9255 Hwy 431 . . . just outside Owensboro.