I first met Charlie Daniels in 1995 when I was a judge on a Talent Show he hosted on TNN. Even then I could tell his vision was bad. It got even worse as time went on. However ...as Chad mentioned today on Country Quickies, 75 year old Charlie can see again!

According to his website, his eyesight was damaged by a high fever when he was 7-years-old. On Thursday, he underwent an innovative new process called "Smart Eye Surgery", which will restore his eyesight once again.  Dr. Ming Wang, a respected Nashville eye doctor, was the first cataract surgeon in Tennessee to perform the new procedure.

The ‘Devil Went Down to Georgia’ singer seems to be doing well, as he took the opportunity to hit Twitter to say, “One down, one to go. Next surgery tomorrow morning.” He also Tweeted a photo of himself wearing dark glasses and holding two thumbs up. His tour will be taking him to Minnesota Friday, April 13, where he’ll play the Shooting Star Casino.

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