I'm on vacation, so I'm not really doing this (wink, wink). But, hey, sometimes the only time you HAVE time is when you have all the time in the world.

And it's Christmas, so...

Owensboro decks the ever-lovin' halls...and trees and sidewalks and roofs and, well, you get the picture.

I only have a few images for you because even when you DO have all the time in the world, you still may not have time to take a picture of EVERY house with an impressive light display in Owensboro.

So, I invite YOU to post yours in the Facebook comments section.

Here are four examples that caught my eye:

On Eastern Parkway

Dave Spencer

I'm seldom ever in this neighborhood, but a happy accident put me there AND in front of this dazzler.

The Quiggins House at 25th and Daviess

Dave Spencer

John Quiggins actually came out an met me thinking I was from OMU, and why not? The Quiggins family had won an award for their display FROM the utility company which was on its way there to take its own picture. I probably just missed 'em.

On Fairview Drive

Dave Spencer

Here's another house that, I believe, has been an award winner in the past, and you can see why.

The Lashbrook House in Stonegate

Dave Spencer

Naturally, I have to include this one...and this is just a picture of the SIDE of the house. Getting a photo from the front without a car in it is practically impossible. And that should come as no surprise to anyone. The Lashbrooks have made their home appointment viewing during the holidays for many years now. Always amazes.


Now, again, what about you? Show me what you did.

And Merry Christmas!