I bet you thought untangling all those lights was a pain in the butt, just wait until you read this British study which warns those same lights could significantly affect your wi-fi connection. I hope Clark Griswold is reading this!

To those who are privy to the wonderful gift of wi-fi aka high speed internet, I'm raising my hand, this is a little shocking (see what I did there?) to say the least. Basically, any appliance in your home that you plug in, like a microwave, or a TV, or Christmas lights, they give off radio waves. Thus, the more things you have plugged in, ironically including your wi-fi router, the more radio waves are generated. Heck, even your wi-fi signal is technically a radio.

The best fix? Just make sure your router isn't too close to your Christmas tree or other decorative holiday lighting. I have a small iridescent tree, so it doesn't use up much power; plus I only have it on when I'm at home. And if you plan on binge streaming, shut down your spectacular, if only temporarily. Candles are cool at Christmas, try candles!

You're welcome.

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