If you're a huge lover of Christmas lights like I am, then it may have occurred to you to take some of your free time this holiday season (yeah, I know, right? LOL) and venture away from your hometown.

Anytime I'm in another city at Christmas, I always carve out some time to do a tour of all the holiday displays. I do it whenever I'm in Evansville, and I'll probably do it on our annual Nashville Christmas jaunt in a couple of weeks.

Western KY Whoville Light Display

If that IS your game, I have a tip for you, and it's a beauty. Head to Henderson where, via one of the most impressive Christmas light displays I have ever seen, you will be transported to Whoville. It's Christmas, you gotta get your Grinch on.

So how does one go about finding this mind-boggling display at 2376 Rullion Green Way in Henderson KY?

How to Find Other Awesome Kentucky and Indiana Light Displays

Well, there's a super handy Facebook "map" that features images of spectacular Christmas lights all over the Evansville metro area. And that includes Kentucky cities like Henderson. Kudos for all the time and hard work put into this tremendous effort:

It's a page that will not only whisk you away to the land of the Grinch, but it will also take you to the Christmas Dragon and a home that utilizes one of my favorite new lawn decorations...the Christmas skeleton. (Seriously, whoever was the first to leave their Halloween skeleton up year-round and re-purpose it for each holiday deserves some kind of an award.)

Enjoy your visit to "Whoville," and don't forget...there's a nasty Grinch present, and unless you get there after his heart grows three sizes, please don't make any noise, noISE, NOISE.

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