I remember the first time I was ever introduced to a Bonsai tree.  Like many of you, that introduction came courtesy of the movie The Karate Kid.  In that classic 80s film, Mr. Miyagi teaches Daniel Larusso about the Bonsai.  I have wanted one since the day I saw that movie.

Well, guess what?  There's a guy here in Owensboro that sells them.  Appropriately, he calls himself the Owensboro Bonsai Guy!

Interest is the Bonsai has resurfaced thanks to the new series Cobra Kai.  The first two seasons of the show, which reintroduces us to Daniel Larusso and his archrival Johnny Lawrence after 34 years, are now available to stream on Netflix.  Full confession, Kevin and I burned through the entire first season Saturday night.

In Cobra Kai, Daniel, decades after his upset win over Johnny in the All Valley Karate Tournament, owns a luxury new car dealership and he gives everyone who purchases a new vehicle a Bonsai tree.  Daniel, thanks to the tutelage of Mr. Myagi, maintains a deeply profound appreciation for the Bonsai and what it represents.

As for Brandon Hagan, Owensboro's Bonsai Guy, he shares that appreciation.  Brandon received his first Bonsai from a girlfriend about ten years ago.  He says, " I did kill it as many beginners do. One died and I bought two more."  His passion for the trees has grown since.  So has his knack for caring for them and trimming them.  He adds, "I've been practicing and learning for several years now but I've felt the need to share the love and passion with others."

So, Brandon has launched his FB page and raises Bonsai in his home greenhouse which, someday, he hopes to be able to open to the public as a full-fledged nursery. In the meantime, folks (and Cobra Kai fans) interested in owning their own Bonsai can contact Brandon and set up a time to come visit the garden.  The best way to do that is  through his official Facebook page Owensboro Bonsai Guy.

Here's a look at some of the Bonsai trees Brandon has to offer:

Owensboro Bonsai Guy

According to Brandon, prices vary considerably with Bonsai trees.  Some trees, depending on the species, age of the tree, container, etc. can start around $20.  Older specimens can sell for thousands.


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