Cody Johnson brought his Leather Tour out west to Anaheim, Calif., on Jan. 20, and what should have been a typical show for the star left a big impression.

Johnson is one of mainstream country music's most notable traditionalists, and as a former bull rider, you'd think he's made of steel. So when he was brought to tears while performing onstage, fans took notice.

The "On My Way to You" hitmaker was mid-song when he noticed a child in the audience holding up a sign that read:

"I survived my bone marrow transplant to see CoJo. Your biggest fan."

After seeing this, Johnson quietly placed his guitar on the stage and removed his cowboy hat. He started walking toward the front of the stage to reach little girl with the sign, was in the first few rows.

While his band played a quiet undertone of music in the background, Johnson met the little girl and embraced her with a huge hug. The audience, of course, cheered and applauded the special moment.

Video of the special moment — seen above — shows Johnson whispering into the young girl's ear before he hugs her again. The singer — a father of two little girls himself — also gave the girl his guitar pick.

Back at his microphone, the country star took a few moments to gather himself before pounding his chest with his fist, showing the audience that this really hit him in the heart.

"Y'all are going to have to give me a minute," he told his audience. He was brought to tears by the strong young cancer survivor.

After the show, another concert-goer found the little girl in the crowd and gave her his cowboy hat, which had previously been signed by Johnson himself.

"I don’t know her name but this brave girl survived a bone marrow transplant so she could see #cojo in person. My hat was already signed by #codyjohnson so now my beloved #resistol is hers. Stay cowboy tough!" that man, @stevenmcfadin, writes on Instagram.

This was all around a heartwarming evening — not just for Johnson, but for the little girl and all in attendance.

Johnson's Leather Tour continues through August of 2024.

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