Now is a thrilling time for high school seniors, from graduation to shopping for college necessities and making memories with high school friends! But there are some exciting developments on the University of Evansville's horizon, too.

They are expanding their footprint with new, modern residence halls. They are adding academic programs like Construction Management, and the student body is growing.

If you're a high school senior considering becoming a Purple Ace, go ahead and make it official: Submit your deposit now so you can sign up for orientation (and attend one of the coveted earlier sessions) and potentially take advantage of additional housing options. It's as easy as going to this website, filling out a short form, and submitting your check or credit card information.

University of Evansville
University of Evansville

No matter how many colleges you apply to, making this deposit is your commitment to attend.

If you have any questions this is the time to ask! Just contact the Office of Admission by email at or by phone at 1-833-BeAnAce (1-833-232-6223).

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