So my bargain of the week usually happens on Friday but not this week!  The Common Good Community Store is offering buy one get one free as they open back up after the pandemic.

This place is amazing!  I can always go in and find something for everyone in my family and leave with money in my pocket.  They have this great pricing guide for each item in the store.  The sale is for clothing and shoes.  You buy one item and get another item of the same or like value for FREE!!!!

The Common Good Community Store, located inside Owensboro Christian Church.  They have clothing, shoes, accessories, furniture, school supplies, and so much more.  They even have summer wear right now and they are marked to sell!

The Common Good Community Store is run strictly by volunteers.  The store hours are Tuesday and Thursday each week from 9 a.m.-Noon.  It is absolutely amazing.  Stop in, look around, buy some goodies, and tell the sweet ladies there I said HI!!!!


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