CISA, entailing all businesses operating in the federal critical infrastructure sectors

Food, beverage, and agriculture

Hardware stores and businesses that sell electrical, plumbing, and heating material

Agricultural supply and equipment

Medical product supply and equipment

Stores that supply first responders and other critical government and healthcare workers

Organizations that provide charitable and social services


Gas stations and businesses needed for transportation (gas stations and auto supply, auto repair, farm equipment, construction equipment, boat repair, and related facilities; bicycle repair shops and related facilities, motorcycle repair)

Financial services

Housing, buildings, and construction

Mail, post, shipping, logistics, delivery, and pick-up services

Laundry services

Restaurants (carry-out, delivery, drive-through, curbside service only)

Supplies for life-sustaining businesses


Home-based care and services

Professional services (legal, accounting, insurance, real estate--including appraisal and title services), but such firms must implement telecommuting and remote work the fullest extent possible, and should only use in-person interaction to support minimum basic operations or where telecommuting is impossible

Manufacture, distribution, and supply chain for critical products and industries

Critical labor union functions

Hotels and motels

Funeral services (subject to restrictions on mass gathering and appropriate social distancing)

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