But with fears of the spread of the coronavirus , there has been talk of conducting March Madness without fans in the seats.

However, let me clarify that the voice behind this suggestion comes from one source, a non-profit group called the National College Players Association.

At this point, that is merely a "bug in the ear" of the NCAA, which has yet to acknowledge the comment.

But it's not ignoring the deadly disease, either, as evidence by this statement on its website.

Based on this proposal by the NCPA, speculation has begun about the possibility of empty arenas during the Big Dance.

And while no one should scoff at the reason behind the idea, it still feels, in my humble opinion, highly unlikely that fans will be prohibited from attending NCAA Tournament games.

I guess it will come down to a similar way people feel about censorship...if you don't want to go because of a fear of the coronavirus, by all means, don't.

But it IS a situation, less than two weeks away from Selection Sunday, that bears monitoring.

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